The mini skirt - pink


*Pre-order =125€

On demand= 149€

The pink mini skirt is perfect to wear with the Marguerite+Frida top for maximum effect or as a spicy touch to your outfit. It is easy to wear thanks to its elastic and its zipper.

Material: Polyester/ viscose / Elastane

Color: Pink

Handmade-to-order in Belgium.

All our fabrics come from Maison haute couture deadstocks

The model measures 165 cm and wears size 36

* Pre-order price only valid during the opening of the site which will take place 4 times a year, this opening is between April 5 and April 13After the 13 April, price will be "on demand". Our model is to reward those who consume better without punishing those who have not yet taken the step to pre-order.

The shipping time after the website closing is 2 weeks, all orders will be received before end of April.
In case of emergency, please contact us on Instagram.

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